Thank you to campers who had joined us for MBC 2017

We are very happy to know that the Bible Camp had left an impact on your lives even during the short 1 week with us. We trust that in the Lord's will, we will meet again at MBC 2018 and enjoy the time around God's Word again.

Organizing the Bible Camp was worthwhile when we heard your feedback after the camp. The lessons in the first lecture on "The Wonders and Worth of the Bible" taught us how we got our Bibles and how valuable the Bible is to believers. The second lecture showed how relavent the Bible is to the 21st Centure even though it was written so long ago.

This year we grateful to have brother Hing Jee Teck and brother Tan Chee Wei as the speakers for the morning lectures and brother Nicholas Lai and brother Ngiow Jen Sen as the speakers in the Gospel meetings in the evenings.

A strong and lasting tradition

The MBC has long provided excellent Bible teaching of an expository nature since 1957. A vast array of subjects from the Bible have been taken up by the Lord’s servants in lectures and ministry ever since the first keen campers were taught by Mr Thomas Bentley and Mr Geoffrey Scott. Countless young people over the years have benefited from this consolidated week together in the Word of God, for which we thank the Lord.


The Objectives of the Bible Camp are to instruct young people from the Scriptures on matters doctrinal, devotional and practical; preach the Gospel to sinners; cultivate Christian graces and character; provide opportunities for meaningful and healthy social interaction among young people.


Essential Items to bring: A Bible, stationery, clothes for meetings, sports gear and attire, toiletries, towel and any other personal items.

Bedding, blankets, pillows and cases will be provided on site.


Outdoor activities & games, bright and hearty singing, wholesome social interaction, delicious home-cooked food and an excellent tradition of Bible teaching since 1957.

Lecture 1 - EZRA

The study of the book of Ezra would bring us back to a time when the nation of Israel was returning from exile. We will see how the people react and respond to the chalanges. Ezra the priest speaks to them as he prays for the nation. We will aslo see how these lessons apply to our lives today.

Come with your notebooks and pen and with an inquisitive mind to discover how God works with men.

Lecture 2 - Sailing with the Saviour

Schooling from the Ships

  • A Lesson on Following. His Purpose
  • A Lesson on Fruitfulness. His Preaching
  • A Lesson on Fear. His Power
  • A Lesson on Faith. His Presence
  • A Lesson on Forgetfulness. His Provision